Subsidy for an Influenza vaccination

ABB Health Insurance Society (ABB Kenpo Kumiai) would like to provide you the subsidy for the influenza vaccination.

The period of inoculation Until March 31
(It takes about 1~2 weeks to build up antibodies, and it’s valid for 3 months. You need to inoculate before December to prevent of disease and spread.)
The applicant Our qualified person and its insurant family at the time of inoculation can apply this subsidy.
How to take the influenza inoculation You don’t need to contact us.
Please contact directly to a hospital.
You can find the hospital which is preparing English-speaking staffs at the following site.
English-speaking Hospitals in Japan – All Japan Relocation
How to apply Submit the following 【The application form for subsidy of the Influenza vaccination】 with a receipt (original) to ABB Kenpo Kumiai.
Type of vaccine Influenza vaccine
About the number of times for inoculation All qualified person can apply the first inoculation.
18 year-old and below and 65 year-old and over, they can apply the second inoculations.
Subsidy amount The upper amount for each is 2000 yen.
If you apply the first and second injections, you need to attach both receipts.
If the payment amount for each is less than 2000JPY, the subsidy amount will be the same amount you paid.
Remarks ◆ The inoculated person’s name, date and “it’s for an Influenza vaccine” should be written on your receipt.
◆ If not, attach the receipt and the certificate of inoculation the hospital issued.
◆ If you don’t have the certificate, bring your receipt to the hospital to ask them to write the inoculated person name, date, “influenza vaccine” and sign on it.
Send the application form to ABB Kenpo Kumiai (ABB Health Insurance Society)
Shinjuku 1-chome Bldg.4F, 1-10-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Time deadline April 20

Application form

The Application form for subsidy of Influenza vaccination